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Praise for Panorama

"The work is beautifully written and organized. An excellent treatment of an excellent subject.”

Charles Shields

Author of award-winning biographies for adults and young adults

"Do we want to turn our schools around? Put Greek and Roman myths and epics in every child's intellectual backpack. They lay the foundation for world literature and encourage students to grapple with the big ideas that underlie all cultures. I hope Carrie Kennedy's wonderful book, Panorama, is widely used to teach, explain, and delight. It gives the ancients a place in history, includes useful details on word derivations, and retells the stories to make them more easily understood. It's a teacher's and learner's treasure."

Joy Hakim

Author of the award-winning A Story of US and A Story of Science series

"I enjoyed this book tremendously. The concept of organizing myths by theme is inspired and is a great strategy for dealing with a lot of material in a thought-provoking way. The teacher's guide will be of considerable help to English, Latin, or history teachers, providing a wonderful variety of ways to make classical mythology relevant to today's students. Kudos to Ms. Kennedy for her creativity."

Penny Cipolone

Latin teacher and member of the Medusa Exam committee

"Panorama provides a great overview and selection of material, makes excellent use of excerpts from primary sources, and contains delightful retellings. The work spoke to my heart. I was impressed with the clear and concise organization of such an unwieldy body of material; what a terrific, approachable resource!"

Diana Nixon

English teacher and chair of the National Mythology Exam

Panorama is simply the best-written, best-looking introduction to classical mythology available. Grouping myths by theme is a masterstroke; this decision not only makes the book an invaluable resource for instructors of writing and literature, but allows teachers of almost any subject easy access to the power of myths and their lessons. No culturally-literate classroom should be without Panorama.

Dan LeRoy

Director of Literary Arts, Lincoln Park Performing Arts Charter School and author of The Greatest Music Never Sold.

"Just as the golden thread of Ariadne guided a young hero through the dark and twisting Labyrinth, so too do the words of Carrie Kennedy guide the reader through the sometimes confusing world of classical mythology. In a relaxed and conversational style, Kennedy skillfully weaves myth, legend, and language into a wonderful presentation that will be enjoyed by readers of all ages. Panorama is an ideal source for anyone looking to fully engage the mythic experience."

Jay D'Ambrosio

Ancient history teacher and author of Rethinking Adolescence: Using Story to Navigate Life's Uncharted Years

"Through its stylish design, engaging prose, and remarkable clarity, Panorama makes an enormous contribution toward the heightening of our cultural literacy. With so much of our music, art, drama, and literature being informed and inspired by classical mythology, we can't help but profit from a deeper understanding of its treasure trove of tales. Panorama is an indispensable tool for mining those rich depths."

Stephen Catanzarite

CEO, Baden Academy Charter School, PA, and author of Achtung Baby: Meditations on Love in the Shadow of the Fall

"I found Panorama so engrossing that I read it right through. The organization and style are superb, I was constantly pleased by the text I found in the sidebars, and while the information is never oversimplified, the whole book remains very accessible."

David Sansone, Ph.D.

Head of the Classics Department, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, and author of Ancient Greek Civilization