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Teacher Resources

Rather than offering student workbooks to accompany Panorama, Clew Publishing, LLC. has chosen to give teachers and homeschooling parents who have purchased the Teacher’s Guide access to a series of activities and student worksheets. These items are provided as Adobe Acrobat PDF files.

Upon submission of an authorized password below, Clew Publishing, LLC grants a limited license to reproduce the protected files to a classroom teacher for use with his or her own students only, or to a homeschooling family for use with their own children. Clew Publishing, LLC. reserves all rights to the activity and student worksheet material herein. Under no circumstances may these files be mass produced, repackaged, relocated, or resold in any format, print or electronic.

Clew Publishing, LLC. strongly encourage everyone to reproduce these pages in an environmentally responsible way, printing out only necessary pages and using a copier’s front-to-back feature whenever possible to conserve valuable resources.

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